LVN2000 System with Chemical Induction Unit Provides Safe and Reliable Chemical Feed for Municipal Wastewater Facility

lvn 2000
LVN2000 Liquid Chemical Feed System

Challenge:  Originally built as a primary treatment plant in 1957, the Middletown, Ohio, Wastewater Treatment Plant was upgraded to include secondary treatment in 1971. Today, the 26 MGD activated sludge plant serves a population of 55,000 as well as the local paper industry.

In early 2002, Middletown plant management decided to switch from using gaseous chlorine to sodium hypochlorite for disinfection. In reviewing chemical delivery systems, Middletown wanted to find an alternative to distributing 15 percent sodium hypochlorite under pressure. "We wanted to avoid the potential for problems associated with leaks and off-gassing in a pressurized system," says Wastewater Treatment Manager Steve Thompson.

Solution:  Ultimately, the chemical feed system selected by the plant's consulting engineer utilizes vacuum induction to provide precise dosing of sodium hypochlorite and high-speed chemical dispersion. The gaseous feed system was replaced with two LVN2000 Liquid Chemical Feed Systems, equipped with a chemical induction unit, to draw and meter sodium hypochlorite from supply tanks to the point of application.

Results:  Plant operators like the new liquid feed system. The wall-mounted LVN2000 system provides multifunctional touchpad controls, facilitating flow monitoring and adjustment. "It's a very simple and reliable system to operate," says Thompson. "We just set the feed where we want it and we're good to go." The LVN2000 system also provides a high level of safety. "We like the aspect that the new feed system is vacuum-induced," Thompson says.