Liquid Chemical Feed Equipment and Control

LVN 2000™UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc. offers a wide selection of standard and custom engineered chemical feed products and accessories. From simple chemical metering pump skids to complex integrated solutions, we have the resources and expertise to meet your most demanding needs.

Standard chemical feed skids are designed to feed a variety of chemical including oxidants, acids and alkalis in a safe and dependable manner. Microprocessor-based controllers provide precise and reliable control of pH, conductivity and ORP in water treatment applications. Custom chemical feed systems are engineered by working closely with you to provide specific solutions, solving a wide variety of problems to meet your individual needs. We provide a complete range of liquid feed accessories that compliment our standard systems and offer you significant advantages in managing and controlling your chemical feed needs.

Standard Product:
LVN2000™ Liquid V-Notch for precise dosing of hypochlorite solutions