EZ2 Dual Pump Skid System

EZ2 Pump The EZ2 Dual Pump Skid System is a skid-mounted chemical metering system designed to feed either one or two chemicals together or separately. The EZ2 package utilizes LMI pumps providing a broad range of capacities and flexibility to handle a wide range of applications. EZ2 Systems are typically used in water treatment programs to dose proper amounts of inhibitors, dispersants, biocides, as well as pH control chemicals and oxidants.

This system is ideal for dual biocide programs, especially when accessorized with a two-channel timer, and is very effective in administering liquid chlorine/bromine programs when the Strantrol® 890 option is selected. The EZ2 is very easy to install, operate and maintain. This system comes complete with a standard calibration kit and is ready for service upon delivery.

Popular accessories are added as applications require. Typical packages include timers, controllers, and instrumentation to allow the unit to be controlled from an external process signal.