Encore® 700 Chemical Metering Pumps Provide Precise Coagulant Metering

Water utility operators are increasingly challenged by scrutiny and regulation on disinfection by-product (DBP) levels while trying to manage ever increasing coagulant costs in a tight budget environment. The ClearLogx. system was developed to reduce raw water TOC (total organic carbon) by precise coagulant metering based on charge potential and pH levels. The innovative system enables Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule compliance with an optimized coagulant dosage.

"The Encore® metering pump family provides the precision and reliability that Clearlogx™ customers demand. Ultimately, the Clearlogx™ system reduces chemical costs and we wanted a pump that meters coagulant accurately for the life of the installation. Encore® pumps have proven that capability over the past 30 years."

Gregg McLeod, Marmac Water LLC, Inventor of Clearlogx™

Encore® chemical metering pumps are used by the ClearLogx. system to precisely meter a combination of coagulants and pH/particle charge correction chemicals. The non-loss motion design ensures longevity and a smooth discharge pattern. With a 30 year proven track record, the Encore® pump is a favorite of operators due to the rugged construction, easy serviceability and user friendly features such as a clear check valve that allows for quick inspection.

Encore<sup>®</sup> 700 ClearLogx

Encore® 700 mechanical
diaphragm metering pump

Encore<sup>®</sup> 700 ClearLogx

Berthoud, Colorado Clearlogx™ site where the challenge of a
long pump discharge and high back pressure made the Encore® 700
an easy choice over peristaltic and positive displacement pumps