About UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc.

Welcome to UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc.

At UGSI Chemical Feed, we provide some of the most trusted brands and products in the chemical metering and feed industry - many of which have roots that date back over 30 years. We've taken those reliable and tested designs and improved them to keep pace with today's materials and control options.

PolyBlend® Polymer Feed Systems

Encore® Pumps and Liquid Feed Systems

UGSI Dry Chemical Feed Systems

Varea-Meter® Variable Area Flowmeters

We stock more finished product than ever and have many assembled items on the floor ready for shipment. Also, please ask about our demonstration or pilot programs. At UGSI Chemical Feed, we have the products, experience and energy to solve all of your chemical feed challenges - give us a call!

Steve Stanczak
VP and General Manager

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