Series 32-050 and 32-055

Dry FeederUGSI Chemical Feed Series 32-050 and 32-055 Volumetric Screw Feeders are designed to feed a wide range of water and wastewater treatment chemicals as well as industrial process chemicals and dry materials. Utilizing 4 differernt feed screw sizes, capacities from 0.03 to 50 cubic feet are available. The continous operating range is 20:1, extendable to 60:1 by belt position on a stepped pulley.

Series 32-050 Feeder - This economical feeder features a constant speed feed screw that is controlled by a manually-set percent timer. The feeder cycles on and off over a 1 minute feed cycle depending on the timer setting.

Series 32-055 Feeder - This highly adaptable feeder features a variable speed feed screw with 3 differerent control arrangements: Manual control via a feeder mounted potentiometer; Start-stop control from a remote interlock; mA control from a flow signal or remote plant control.

Features and Benefits

Each of these feeders is available with a complete range of configurations and accessories: