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Products and Services Overview:

Polymer Feed and Control

Since 1982 the PolyBlend® Series remains the leader in automated polymer blending feed systems. Our proprietary designs feature two stage mechanical mixing with shear velocities designed for optimum initial wetting followed by dissolution to utilize the full polymer activation and reduce chemical cost.

PolyBlend® equipment can prepare polymer solutions with broad rangeability and programmability. Whether your selected polymer is dry (granular) or liquid (emulsion, dispersion, or mannich solution), we can select to fit your needs.

The range of installations is broad. Systems have been installed in virtually all water, wastewater and reuse applications for municipal and industrial users. Many non-water applications have also been designed and installed.

The PolyBlend® polymer mixing and feed systems offer precise control of dosing rate, dilution level, mixing time, and energy. Our design controls mixing and wetting energy intensity in two stages to optimize polymer performance and provides maximum economy and value in the use of polymers.

PolyBlend<sup>®</sup> Polymer Feed System

PolyBlend<sup>®</sup> M Series

DP 2000

Chemical Metering Pumps and Integrated Chemical Feed Systems

UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc. offers several styles of metering pumps with integrated controls. These include: solenoid-driven, mechanically actuated; hydraulically actuated and peristaltic pumps as well as integrated dosing and control packages for municipal and industrial markets.

Integrated metering pump skid packages are designed to meet the needs of most industrial or municipal liquid chemical feed applications. Completely assembled systems offer the features and flexibility required for accurate chemical metering with the benefit of easy installation, start-up, operation and maintenance for a "plug-and-play" approach.

In addition full global support for current and discontinued Wallace & Tiernan® pumps is provided. Contact us.

Wallace & Tiernan® is a registered trademark of Evoqua Water Technologies LLC.

Encore<sup>®</sup> 700

Pump Skid

Dry Chemical Feed Equipment and Control

UGSI Chemical Feed technologies for feeding and metering dry are available for chemicals commonly used in the treatment of municipal and industrial water and wastewater.

Products include volumetric screw feeders, belt-style volumetric feeders and gravimetric feeders.

Feeder tank systems, lime-slaking systems and accessories can handle the most commonly used chemicals in the water applications such as calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, ferric sulfate, soda ash, potassium permanganate and aluminum sulfate. Chemicals used in industrial processes include bleach, clay gypsum plastic pellets, pigments and flour. Our designs include hazardous area feeders for carbon feed.

Dry Feeder

Dry Feeder

LVN 2000™ Liquid V-Notch (Chemical Feed with no out-gassing or air binding)

The LVN 2000™ liquid chemical feed system can handle the majority of chemicals used in water or wastewater treatment processes. It is ideal for solutions of sodium hypochlorite that have a tendency to out-gas, resulting in loss of feed with conventional metering pumps. The LVN 2000™ uses a vacuum source such as an injector to draw chemical from the supply tank to the point of application. Utilizing the UGSI Chemical Feed V-Notch control valve, reliable feed rates can be maintained with either manual or automatic control schemes utilizing the proven controllers. A flow meter provides accurate indication of feed rate with a percent or direct reading scale (GPH and LPH). An optional high/low alarm is available on high capacity systems. Control methods include: manual, start-stop programmable control, flow proportional control and set point process control.

LVN Liquid Chemical Feeder

Varea-Meter® Variable Area Flow Meters

UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc. manufactures a broad line of flow meters for readout, transmission and control of fluid rate for most industrial process applications.

For low-capacity, low pressure applications we offer glass tube purge meters with stainless steel frames. Purge meters are specifically designed for purging instruments cases and control lines, and are readily adapted to liquid-level indication, sampling, liquid specific gravity determination and similar applications. For low flow, higher pressure application armored purge meters are available. For high volume flows glass-tube and metal tube meters are available in a variety of sizes and configurations for metering both air and liquid.

Target applications are: refineries, oil & gas, power and industrial water and municipal water and wastewater.

Metal Tube Varea-Meter

Armea-View II Low Flow Armored Purgemeter

Parts - factory certified and equal to or superior to original parts

To keep your premium quality equipment operating at top efficiency, UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc. offers the most inclusive after sale support in the industry. Genuine replacement parts are stocked for your Encore® 700 and Chemtube® 2000 mechanical metering pumps; 32-050, 32-055, and 35-150 solution feed tank systems; PolyBlend® polymer activation and feed systems; Liquid V-Notch Feeders; Varea-Meter® products; and LMI and Seepex metering pumps. Genuine replacement parts not only protect your investment in the equipment, they also offer assurance against failure in critical public-health-related and critical process related applications. Avoid the hazard and hidden costs of cheap imitations. UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc. offers fast delivery of original-quality replacement parts from a large parts inventory. Use of such parts helps maintain equipment in good working order, eliminates equipment breakdowns and costly down time.

For your convenience, UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc. stocks preventive maintenance kits for your equipment. These kits contain replacements for those parts most susceptible to wear and/or most often replaced. They facilitate scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs.

Part Kit

PolyBlend<sup>®</sup> Mixing Chamber